Apoptosis definition in Collins dictionary:

The controlled death of an organism’s cells as part of its natural growth and development.

[Greek: A falling away from]

Speaking a syllable 200msec
Fast (myelinated) fiber, fingertip to brain 20msec
Unmyelinated fiber, fingertip to the brain 500msec
The basic cycle time of a neuron 10msec
The basic cycle time of a personal computer .0001msec

- Daniel Dennett, Consciousness Explained


Janet Brooks Gerloff

Simon Cecere’s ‘I Am The Prototype’ 

"I think of that girl i read about in the paper - the one with the flammable skirt. She’d bought a rayon chiffon skirt, purple with wavy lines all over it. She wore it to a party and was dancing, too close to the vanilla-smelling candles, and suddenly she lit up like a pine needle torch. When the boy dancing next to her felt the heat and smelled the plasticky smell, he screamed and rolled the burning girl up in the carpet. She got third-degree burns up and down her thighs. But what i keep wondering about is this: that first second when she felt her skirt burning, what did she think? Before she knew it was the candles, did she think she’d done it herself? With the amazing turns of her hips, and the warmth of the music inside her, did she believe, for even one glorious second, that her passion had arrived?"

— Aimee Bender (via gremlnhands)